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Oak Furniture King - Buying Guides


Why Opt for Oak?

Oak is a solid hardwood that is ideal for the manufacture of furniture. Offering considerable durability and longevity, Oak furniture items are also highly resistant to shrinking and warping. Additionally, Oak also offers striking grain patterns that make it one of the most attractive hardwoods on the market.

What are the Prime Benefits of Oak Furniture?

The main advantages of oak furniture can be categorised as follows:

Durability – Manufactured from solid hardwood, Oak items can last for generations ensuring unrivalled value for money.

Aesthetic Pleasure – The intricate grain patterns ensure an attractive furniture item that offers great style and sophistication.

Handcrafted – All our oak furniture items are handcrafted by expert craftsmen ensuring a level of strength and robustness that cannot be matched by flat pack furniture.

Easy Maintenance – Oak furniture items are easy to maintain and highly resistance to warping.

Are there Different Types of Oak?

There are various types of oak trees, many of which are used to manufacture furniture. From Red Oak and White Oak to Tiger Oak and Pippy Oak, each variety of oak offers a unique look and style.

How is Oak Furniture Maintained?

Maintaining oak furniture is relatively simple. Dusting the furniture item once a week will keep it in good condition, whilst a quick polish every couple of months will help maintain its clean cut look and preserve its longevity.

What Types of Oak Furniture can I Buy?

You can now purchase stylish oak furniture items for every room in the house. From the bedroom and living room to the dining room, there is a wide selection of high quality oak items to choose from: